Family 101


As the saying goes ‘can’t live with them & can’t live without them’! I’ll be the first to say that I love my family to pieces…each and every one of them! Mostly because even the smallest gathering ends up being one big party!

Coming from a big family I feel like I’ve experienced every type of character/personality you can come across in this world! You know those ‘personality assessment’ quizzes that employers often ask you to fill out at employee team building retreats? Well I can slot at least 5-10 people in each category from my family; however, I have different category names than the ‘personality quizzes! I’m guessing most of you have at least one family member that can fit into one of my categories…

First are the ‘Eccentrics’ who are always entertaining the lot with their outlandish shenanigans. They are most likely throwing caution to the wind and are usually the next days’ remember when story headliners! These eccentrics are my favorites!!! Mostly because they are truly free in spirit. They are always giving off positivity vibes and each encounter with them is mostly carefree and effortless. We actually have a quite a few of these in our family and they are ALWAYS the life of the party and quite possibly the drunkest at the party too but wow the recap stories that pursue the next morning are always hilarious. Example: remember when he puked in your hair while you were driving home (true story) and somehow they are forgiven just because you can’t be mad at them!

These fun Eccentrics are followed by the ‘Judgementals’ who are always shaking their heads while watching from the sidelines (they essentially are the closet eccentric ones…just awaiting delivery from the grow-a-pair department)! These ones I find frustrating, mostly because they are always the first to offer negativity and the last to offer substance.
Then there’s the ever so popular ‘Dependables’! They are always there to lend an ear without judgement (sometimes even end up being the punching bags for vent sessions). They always have some sound and real advice and know how to get you through a sticky situation without opting for the panic button! They are the best with secrets and can be reached 24/7 … they don’t ask for much in return and for me fill my ‘i need my mommy’ tantrums! Bless these ones…I feel like they are the ones that hold the family together!

BUT don’t get these Dependables mixed up with the “Undercover Dependables”! At first it’s hard to differentiate between the two, however once you figure them out…RUN!!!! Run like you haven’t run before! You see they are in it for the gossip…at first they have an overwhelming sense of concern and are usually the ones who ask a lot of questions to help you deal with a situation and seem to know everything about everyone and always happen to say the right things ALL the time! They will always reassure you that your comments/secrets are safe with them (well you know where this one is going) Wrong! (Hitting the buzzer…run run)!! It’s all about stirring the pot for these undercover ones. Keep running!

Let’s move on to the Know-it-alls. it’s pretty self explanatory…they know it all (HAHA)! Oh if only I could count how many imaginary brick walls I’ve hit my head against while hanging out with these ones. I’m surprised Google hasn’t scouted these ones out yet, okay I know they really do not mean any harm and sometimes it just seems like it’s almost self-defence mechanism (or pride) when they go into this mode but really so frustrating trying to have a conversation with them. I usually just stay quiet and let them finish because I find there is no point on edging them on for more stats that they know they know…well unless I’m really bored you know?!

This takes me to the Dreamers. They usually don’t participate in all family activities and you don’t get to see them often but their determination on making their dreams come true really is exemplary. They have a dream, a goal, and a journey that they are all so happy to take on by themselves. I find they most often have some ‘against all odds’ story that is pushing them and some take it with a grain of salt and some with a chip on their shoulder. Either way, they always have extravagant stories of what they have planned next and it’s really motivating listening to their plans for the future. Only thing I wish is that sometimes they take a moment to pause and enjoy the present as well!

Up next are the ‘Culturally Inept’; I feel like this one category can be broken down further but to generalize they are usually the ones at family functions that have NO idea what and why something is going on. Some family members may find them a little out of touch with their ‘roots’ but I actually find them refreshing. Coming from traditional families sometimes we go on with traditions without questioning them for the sake of pleasing the elders who may hold some of these customs near and dear. The culturally inept bring forward a fresh perspective asking why we continue to do some of these customs/traditions in this day in age. Some conversations with them can get pretty heated and may I even say awkward but all in all it’s always good fun because even they can’t resist the desi beat on the dance floor 😉

So I really can go on forever…i’ve probably only touched on a select few in this (maybe I’ll do a continuation in a future blog post) but do you see some of your family members in these ‘categories’ or even yourself??

Ahhh…you gotta love family! 🙂






  1. hahaha undercover dependables!! soo many in our fam! hmm i think i may fall under culturally inept “why do I have to have 3 mayians??” I think I broke some “rules” during my wedding that caused the judgementals some grief but I don’t care.. they don’t make sense!


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