Quick & easy coconut flour & banana pancakes


So I woke up this morning craving pancakes!  Which is pretty rare for me because I love myself a mean omelet for breakfast (quick & easy). 

Since I’m trying to stay healthy (summer & wedding season ahhhh!!!) I was going to follow my oatmeal pancakes recipe (blogged earlier) but then remembered my coconut flour purchase from my last trip to the states. Let me tell you it’s much cheaper than purchasing in Canada; I was so excited to buy the flour thinking I was going to bake some healthy cookies…well it’s been sitting unopened in my cupboard since then (ha). Everyone that knows me knows that I really (for a lack of a better word) suck at baking! I can cook any savory meal *self-proclaimed chef status* but my baking recipes are always disastrous! *epic fail status every darn time* 😦

Anyways I decided to do some preliminary research since it was my first time trying a gluten-free recipe. All the recipes I found online either had ingredients I didn’t have on hand or were for large servings so I decided to ‘wing’ it keeping my previous recipe in mind since I only wanted to make a couple pancakes for myself.

These are the ingredients I pulled out and the process I used (super quick & easy):


– First, whip 1 egg in a bowl


– then I added 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract


– I decided to squirt in a small amount of honey (only because I had read it goes well in coconut flour recipes) I would say maybe half teaspoon


– next I added in a tablespoon of unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk


– I decided to add in 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon (so many health benefits so makes eating pancakes guilt-free)


– the next ingredient 1.5 teaspoons of coconut flour was the hardest to justify regarding the ratio between dry & wet ingredients only because in my head when I think pancakes I imagine lots of flour (especially when using those boxed pancake mixes) however thanks to my research I realized a small amount is sufficient since coconut flour really soaks up the liquids it’s mixed with.


– Once all those ingredients were nicely whipped I sliced in a half banana and mashed it in


-too make the mixture a little more smooth I decided to blend it for a minute in my blender


Now that the batter is all ready to go (it seriously smells so good at this point) I got a small pan heated and greased with coconut oil (of course) over medium heat


I like my pancakes thin & crispy (the way my mom made them β™₯) so I poured in a small amount of batter to keep them small and easy to flip (this is always tricky when doing anything gluten free). I put the lid on and really just crossed my fingers it would cook well and not crumble. After about a minute or so I flipped the pancake with ease *SUCCESS* and continued to cook the other side for about a minute or so as well (just check to see if it’s browned). I repeated this for the second pancake as well (this recipe made 2 satisfying pancakes)!


Let me tell you…first bite was like a Hawaiian heaven in my mouth (yes I’m taking it there)


So my pancake craving was definitely satisfied and I would definitely recommend these to anyone else craving a pancake but not the guilt!

Let me know what you think?  πŸ™‚ Or please share any good coconut flour recipes you have had success with! I’m thinking of trying to make pizza dough next!



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