Hugs & Garter Throws


Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a friend’s beautiful wedding. For years I bugged her to find a man and get married so I could check off attending a Caucasian wedding on my to-do list! (Check!!!) haha!  Truly, it was such an honor to be present and witness such love between the couple and all their friends & family! The wedding/reception was definitely quite different from the typical Indian weddings that I am accustomed to attending, it was much smaller & intimate! I’m not going to lie…I was quite excited about witnessing my first garter toss (always see them on all those TLC/Slice wedding shows). Yes, I know…lame, but for me it’s all about these moments and also all the little details that make the wedding unique. πŸ™‚


There was also a self discovery moment last night. Actually more of a confirmation of something I was in somewhat denial about … I’m a chronic hugger!!


Yes, I hug nilly dilly! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ashamed. It just surprised me how I just go in for the hug without thinking about the recipient at all.

It wasn’t until the end of the night when I discovered this ‘issue’ I have. I had just finished hugging a friend, who I hadn’t seen for a while, goodbye when she awkwardly laughed and said she doesn’t do hugs. Let me tell you, I was exasperated!! What do you mean ‘you don’t do hugs’?? How else do I say goodbye?? Shake your hand? Just wave and say bye? How awkward is that??? Seriously!! At that point I just declared to the table that I was a hugger (and laughed awkwardly)!

As I sat down in my seat after, I got to thinking that when I originally walked into the event I hugged almost everyone I knew (quite enthusiastically I might add). To top that, not only did I hug them all but I also hugged their significant others who I may or may not know too well. Do I have a problem? Am I wrong? Why oh why do I do this. I wonder how many of them felt awkward because after I thought about it, I had initiated about 95% of the hug giving!! (Is there a rehab clinic in Hollywood somewhere that I can attend).

I pondered (and slightly panicked) on the concept and general rule of hug giving for only a couple minutes before another friend came to say goodbye and to my delight came in for the hug! Phew!! I decided that it was too soon to question myself, to just go with my flow and not make rash decisions on the spot. I don’t want to give up hugging…it’s just so wonderful!  😦


As I drove home in the dark of the night (after a little pit stop at my mom’s sisters house) I thought about my mom and realized I inherited this uncontrollable urge to hug from her. She was the queen of hugs and kisses!  I can still sometimes close my eyes and feel her arms grasped tightly around me, her scent, the warmth, the smile on her cheeks and her declarations of love! She was a chronic, nilly dilly hugger too!


After sleeping on it I’ve come to a final conclusion with my huggingness (yes completely made up word), it’s not coming to an end. I will hug you damn it!! If you are in hug range…to late I’m coming in! If not, run before I catch you and eventually hug you! HA!

Are you a hugger?


Too late :p



  1. Ahahah I love this, no its not weird, well atleast it isn’t to me either, I love hugs!! Even if im kinda mad ill still hug someone! Lol I sometimes have to stop myself because a lot of people “dont do hugs”like your friend. Theres nothing wrong with it, its just a friendly gesture!


  2. Is it an Indian thing to hug when we greet people? A bit of a generalisation I know, but I definitely hug all my relatives when I see them, even those I see often but I recently met up with my oldest friend from primary school (we’ve known each other since we were 4 years old) – she is ‘Caucasian’ and we hadn’t seen each other for over two years and although I leaned in for a hug, she was more hesitant and it got a little awkward!


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