Just a thought…a random one at that!


Sitting back and pondering on life…

I sometimes wonder why people seem to think they have the authority to dictate what you want out of your OWN life?

Each individual has their own goals and aspirations they want fulfilled before they depart this planet. Some have the travel bug, some are career driven and some want the white picket fence life. All wonderful in their own way (in other words, whatever floats your boat)! Yet, some people seem to think that there is only one formula to life and if your ‘ducks’ aren’t lined up the way they think they should be…well you’re failing.  But why? Seriously! Why?!

I have to admit, the things I thought I wanted 10 years ago aren’t even top priorities anymore. My then, naive self thought I had to do things a certain way…more to please others in my life rather than for myself. It’s kind of embarrassing to be honest. Why is that approval/vindication from others so important?

As I grow older, I realize it’s actually not so terrible to be selfish.  Heck, why not? Everyone around me is! The hardest part is finding that balance. Spending about 99% of my life being a people pleaser to actually learning to say no without feeling guilty is a hard habit to break.

I also learned that being nice to everyone doesn’t get you far, way too many people willing to take advantage of that! However, once you do figure out the people who not only genuinely appreciate your kindness, but who also reciprocate it (because you deserve it too) … you will make some wonderful lifelong friends.


This world has so many wonderful opportunities to offer. Don’t limit yourself according to other people’s opinions (and oh boy do people have opinions to offer these days). Enjoy your own journey … walk in your own shoes β™₯

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t because you’ve been told you shouldn’t?



  1. Hi, I randomly came across your blog and your post was exactly what I needed to read, and resonates with what I am going thru right now. Thank you for that post.

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  2. that is exactly what i was saying the other day!! why are we living to please others.. they should accept our decisions and respect that we are living our own lives and not theirs! so annoying.. im sure every indian goes through this!


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