Enlighten me with your inner selfie…

At my daily 9-5, I share an office space with some wonderful humans. Some of the comments, thoughts and reflections that are brought up within these four walls can be quite enlightening, always humorous, sometimes negative (those crazy deadlines!!) but always thought provoking.

Someone this week said to me ‘you are so nice, when I see you, you are always smiling’ and I replied ‘you make me smile, so thanks’. She was surprised at my response and laughed, yet for me it was very true.

And it got me to thinking…

As of late, some people have told me that I have ‘changed’. To be honest, in a way yes, but really I know I’m still the same person. What ‘changed’ is my response to their vibe they constantly throw my way. As I stated in my previous post, you just can’t be nice to everyone. Why? Because sometimes they, themselves just don’t allow it. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is always good to see the positive in people and to help bring out the best, but at what cost? Shouldn’t be at your expense, so I’ve learned!

I have a fabulous pool of individuals in my life that really do bring out the best in me. I try to give them most of my precious time because really who wants to be around people who are always bringing you down? They simply make me laugh and smile (the true riches of the world)!

Do you see a ‘happy’ me? Thank you, for you bring that out of me. (And keep it coming!)

Do you see a ‘creative’ me? Thank you, you give me the confidence to shine my talents!

Or do you see an ‘apprehensive, sad, angry’ me or have I become a stranger where once you saw a confidante? Why do I feel that way around you? Please don’t point a finger at me and tell me you think I’ve changed, instead stop and reflect on why YOU made me change. It’s quite simple really! It’s not a blame game but a reflection of oneself. A real ‘selfie’!

A relationship is a two way street. What we see in others is a reflection of ourselves. In this crazy world it’s not always easy to be positive and happy. Sometimes we have angry (insert any negative emotion here really) days not because of people but because of circumstances beyond our control. This is when we turn to our family and friends to let out our emotions. We at this point, as the listeners, have two choices: fuel the negative fire or help put out the flames. Which choice will you make? Good vs. Evil? If your words and advice could be personified, would you befriend them?


And this isn’t just a thought about once good now gone astray relationships, it’s also about the ones you thought have no hope to how did I survive this long without you relationships as well. As we age we meet new individuals who bring out characters/feelings in us that we didn’t think we could ever list on our personal resume. Also with age I notice we (meaning all humans) get pickier as to who we allow in our ‘clique’. I use to think that this was wise until I realized we are only limiting our growth by doing so. We are never too old to make new friends and new connections. You never know what you are missing out on by judging (most of the time based off of someone else’s opinion) a new individual. Hey maybe after you get to know them they might not be your cup of tea or maybe they become your daily caffeine fix you can’t go without (coffee reference as I drink my morning coffee, what has my life come to, haha)

So to reiterate, YOU see in me what YOU bring out in me…what do YOU want to see?




  1. love it and totally agree with you! You draw energy from the people around you so if you are constantly around negative people, you draw that negative energy and become a negative person yourself. On the contrary, if you surround yourself with positive, motivated people, you draw that energy and become positive and motivated yourself and project that energy outwards. On a side note, I haven’t seen you for a while…. so….. I hope I wasn’t a negative in your life lol!


    • haha omg NO! I love your energy, you’re always so fun to hang out with! Richie and I were trying to figure out a few dates that work for us to host you guys for a fun holiday dinner again! And of course our pending painting date! ♥


      • haha ok good! Yay! Last years was so much fun! Parm and I are free this weekend. We have xmas parties on the 19th, 20th, 24th, and the chahal xmas party is either on 26th or 27th. It hasn’t been confirmed yet. We both will have xmas week off as well.

        So I was thinking about taking an intro to painting class but they are all during the weekdays during the day.. which doesn’t work.


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