Twisted Tea Party

Well 2015 has certainly started off as a very social and entertaining year, I hope it’s going well for you as well. I had the chance to host a little twisted tea party for my sisters last weekend as a ‘New Year, New Memories’ celebration. It started off as a simple idea and then of course turned into a fancy little affair because of my ‘Monica’ complex. The set-up details, themes, menu ideas, etc, riddle my brain as soon as I start contemplating hosting. It was part of the reason why I stopped hosting for a while because my project manager side would just completely take over and I’d stress over everything creating spreadsheets to organize lists on lists on lists. Ahh!

Well I’m back bitches people! (haha, sorry). This time though I managed to not stress myself out and kept the idea pretty simple to tea and finger foods. Well, okay I ended up having a ‘tea menu’ consisting of:

  • mango-passion iced tea,
  • a prairie berry sparkling tea,
  • spiced chai tea,
  • hot ginger tea, and
  • a variety of loose leaf herbal teas.

The appetizers menu was kept simple with mostly healthy varieties so the people who were trying to keep their new years resolutions wouldn’t feel so bad indulging. It consisted of turkey sandwiches, veggie wraps, cheese/crackers, veggies/dip in little shot glasses and fruit/desserts. My favorite finger food was the guacamole cups I made.


They look super fancy, yet are so easy to make. I used the phyllo pastry (you can buy it from the freezer section of the grocery store) to make the cup part. It’s really thin so you have to ensure you really thaw it out and use it before it gets warm sitting on the counter (definitely follow the instructions on the box for handling), I used my mini muffin pans to bake the phyllo in to create the cup shape.

To fill the cup I decided to make a fresh spicy guacamole using 2 ripe avocados, half a lime, seasonings, and a red onion then topped them off with a fresh tomato salsa (bruschetta) and goat cheese. They were so delicious yet light and healthy. I had made similar cups the weekend prior for an Asian-themed lunch and learned to keep the phyllo layers a bit thicker (about 3-4) so the guacamole wouldn’t soften the bottom of the cups. These turned out perfect! 🙂

What are some of your favorite quick and easy go to recipes for events?



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