Reevaluating Your Participation In The Rat Race…

Sometimes I can’t sleep because I have SO many thoughts going through my mind…always in the quiet of the night. The words spin around & around in my head and keep me tossing and turning until I finally write them out.

This is what spewed out last night…


Lead the pack with good vibes not good buys.

Don’t get caught up in that material world. I can bet that no one has sat among their new haul of purchases and has gotten the sudden urge to look up to the sky and thank God for their blessings. No, that passionate feeling of thankfulness and happiness comes when you’re sitting amongst good people, in the midst of heartfelt conversations, having that uncontrollable urge to smile and laugh long after the moment has passed.

The latest purchase…it will never jump out of the closet and give you a hug or a shoulder to cry on in your time of need. Only a good friend can do that.

Our world has become a rat race of consumerism. Status should be built and based on earned mutual respect not a shoe/purse collection.

Don’t allow yourself to be blinded by labels, they don’t make the person…they only dress them. Look further, dig deeper, be blnded by their inner light. Find a connection. Materialistic infactuations fade, something better always comes along… no thing is made to last.

Put value in your relationships not your shopping hauls. Collect experiences, collect do-good stories, collect tears of joy, collect adventure rushes, collect feelings!!

When you’re old and grey, you won’t remember that label you were dying to have. No you’ll remember the people you crossed paths with. You’ll remember the way they made you laugh, the way they made you smile, the way they gave you butterflies in your stomach, the way they made your heart ache for more meaning, that uncontrollable urge to get up and dance with joy. The meaning they added to your existence.

Genuine human to human connection is the most expensive yet free experience available. a natural drug, a natural cure. Give it, get it.

Pass on the good vibes and pass over the good buys.


And now I lay my head to sleep!


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