L♡ve all day EVERY day!

The best way to a mans heart? Food! More specifically for mine…the Aloo Prontah! ♡

We all know that every day should be ‘love day’ be it with your partner or with your friends or with family. However, it’s also fun to partake in on the Valentine’s day fun and do something special.

This year, instead of chocolates, teddy bears, etc I decided to surprise my Valentine with his favorite food…the aloo prontah (roti stuffed with mashed potatoes) in a heart shape of course. He loved my cornyness! Ha! And devoured the prontahs ♥

(Lots of step by step recipe/instructions to make aloo prontahs on YouTube if you like!)

Hope you all enjoy Valentine’s day ♡ I also hope tomorrow is another love day for you and the day after and the day after that (you get the point).

And if you’re smart, make sure you grab the discounted chocolates tomorrow 😉


Flowers from my Valentine ♡


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