Conversations With You


Sometimes it’s so hard to dig down deeper, to have a hard honest conversation with yourself. We run around daily like machines without thinking about the bigger picture.  A set routine that we get too comfortable with, to be the ideal that society pushes us to be.

We feel guilty when we are idle, when our agenda is open. The need to fill it…fill it with anything.

Solitude is so rare. Even when we are alone… we’re not alone. Our phones, the virtual connectivity of social media has us hooked. It’s our world.

It’s time to reflect, sit down with yourself. Feel yourself breathe, listen to your inner workings. Ask yourself ‘What’s my purpose?’ Feel those feelings!

Quiet the noise around you, what is that little voice saying? The voice you don’t have time for in your daily schedule of timelines and priorities.

Can you hear it?

That voice is ‘You’…the real ‘You’!

The one that hasn’t been tarnished by societies ideals. The ‘You’ that wants to live on its own terms. The one that knows this life isn’t permanent. The ‘You’ that still believes in everything good, that knows why you’re here and where you need to go. It doesn’t have those rough edges, it’s resilient!

Trust yourself … follow your path.

Celebrate your journey to this moment,  celebrate the people that make you smile. The ones who see that ‘You’ & love it.

Sharing a ‘genuine heart’ is one gift no one will ever forget receiving. Even after you’re long gone.



Hey You! 😍



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