Amsterdam Loving ♡


Wow Amsterdam, you are just incredible. I can’t even remember what I was imagining it as before I saw it with my own eyes. The architecture, the ambience, the views…just beautiful!

After checking into our beautiful hotel we jumped onto the bus and headed into the heart of Amsterdam. We started off in Leidseplein where there were loads of people sitting at cafes, beer gardens and the incredible shops/markets. We hit up the Bulldog cafe and then I HAD to try the Magnum ice cream bar that they custom make to your liking….YUM!!!



After taking in the ambience of Leidseplein we started our walk over towards Central Station where we were scheduled for a luxury canal cruise! Our tour guide was so sweet, he had bubbly and music playing for us as we took in the views of the city from the canals. (I definitely recommend a canal cruise, ours was 75 minutes and we got to see all the beautiful sights Amsterdam has to offer.


After our enchanting canal cruise we headed over to the Red Light district, we decided to take it in early while the sun was still out (I was a little too apprehensive to go at night). The crowds were just absolutely ridiculous as we made our way through the alleyways. This was the one area that was actually how I had imagined it to be. Lots of cafes, fast food joints and ummm…the girls!!

Going over to the Museimplein quarter after this was definitely the opposite. The museums were grand and the parks were full of great green space to relax. Definitely a more relaxed vibe here, although the line-ups for the Van Gogh museum wrapped around blocks!! (I was a little sad that we didn’t get a chance to go in here as I had studied Art History and I had painted a replica of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Oh well!

After taking in the sunshine and the peacefulness of this area we decided to go for a nice dinner and relax. It was definitely a bit chillier out at night (the weather definitely reminded me of Vancouver). The traffic & transit system, though hectic, is pretty good here. It seemed like just about everyone was on bikes though!

We got in lots of walking in Amsterdam, definitely an amazing 2 days…now off to Greece!! ♡


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