Conversations in Coffee Shops

Sitting at a Blendz Coffee shop trying to read my new book ‘The Rosie Project’ and I can’t but help overhear a sales pitch going on behind me.

‘Sales pitch’ guy is so intriguing that even I am almost sold on the supplements package he’s introducing to his potential ‘client’.

I didn’t get a good look at ‘sales pitch’ guy and his ‘sidekick’ before I sat down but they both definitely have very manly voices. The ‘client’ walked in a few minutes after IΒ  settled in and he’s a medium-built minority (brief glance IΒ  got) with a goal to improve his fitness goals.

‘Sales pitch’ guy ran off his credentials immediately …he’s a pharmacist who through his work figured out the best balance of supplements to attain the optimal body at any age. He listed off his accomplishments. One of which is his ‘sidekick’ … he was able to transform his mind and workouts for maximum results. I must say he is very knowledgeable or at least comes across as very knowledgeable … he’s throwing around facts about gallbladders, dna, psychology and how supplements help heal the ‘hungry’ cells in your body.

He then opened the floor to the ‘client’ to ask questions and in the middle of it excused himself to go to the bathroom. Which I thought was odd and not very great if at that point you’re trying to make a sale.

After he left to use the facilities, the ‘sidekick’ perked up and started asking questions in a more subtle and man-to-man way… which has made the ‘client’ open up more! Instead of throwing facts at him he’s going off a more ‘my experience is’ tactic and it really seems to be working. The ‘client’ is puddy in their hands.

These two are good! (I’d be the perfect sucker)

Now if only ‘sales pitch’ guy comes back before I have to head out so i can see if they actually make the deal!

So much for my book…coffee shop conversations are pretty interesting!!

What do you think… deal or no deal?



    • Sales pitch guy came back and answered a few more questions the client had pertaining to costs. Then to my surprise the client quickly said he’ll get back to them tomorrow and without giving them more time to convince him to commit immediately he left! Sales pitch and sidekick sat and talked about how they could have closed the deal more efficiently for a few minutes after the client left. Then they left as well lol (I have to add that they were both in great physical shape!!) Haha

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