So every year I get a little bit of anxiety every time I go into any store and see Halloween/Christmas decorations popping up (especially in August…wtf!) or when Starbucks announces the return of the pumpkin spice latte in September (ewe). Like seriously don’t shove fall down my throat! I know it’s coming and I’m not ready for it.

However, now that fall is here I’m surprised to say I’m actually digging it more than I thought I would! Yes the days are getting shorter and it’s definitely chilly outside but my pretty little scarves now get to come out to play and the candlelight makes even the bleakest meal feel romantic!

So far so good! The Sun’s been shining for the most part. The rainy days are now enjoyed in my new waterproof boots (for 10 years I refused to buy rainboots because then that would mean I give in to this dreary weather) but at least my feet will be warm now. I still don’t carry an umbrella ‘just in case’ in Raincouver (it’s like asking for rain!!).

The darkness is something I’m working on. Right now we’re not getting along but I’m hopeful for a solution because I love my after dinner walks. I need those steps for my fitbit challenges that I was so good at winning with my late night summer walks. It was freaking dark by 7pm last night and I found myself cutting my walk short just to get home (I use to leave my house at 730ish on summer nights!!!).

Anyways I think it’s a good start so far, I’m not hating it as much as I thought.

And yes I really do not like pumpkin spice lattes!

And I put ketchup on everything.

I’m not a fan of hotdogs but I always crave the grilled onions you can smell from a mile away (with ketchup of course)

Okay the last two had nothing to do with fall but since I was confessing I figured I’d share those too!

Oh and I like long walks on the -paved path along the- beach (seriously sand is so awkward to walk in…what’s so romantic about waddling?)

Okay that was the last one! Toodles!



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