Be Wild & Wander

One of the highlights on my trip to Thailand was the day my sister-in-law & I travelled into the mountainous jungles of Chiang Mai to spend time with some majestic creatures at the Elephant Nature Park. 


My heart was bursting with joy just watching these gentle giants do their thing, yet at the same time it was hard not to tear up thinking of their journey before they were rescued.

How can humans be so cruel to these wonderful beings? Some of them were used for logging, begging and tourist attractions. These elephants had a lot of physical scars to prove their hardship. So happy they could now just be who they were born to be.

If you are planning a vacation to Thailand PLEASE refrain from getting caught up the idea of riding elephants on those tourist adventure treks. The elephants are treated so poorly just so you can ride them. Instead volunteer at one of the sanctuaries where you can feed them, bathe them and just watch them play with their fellow herd.



Much love to the humans that rescue elephants and thank you for a humbling experience.


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