‘Crêpe’ing from Thailand To Vancouver

I had my very first crêpe experience in a little hut on the Island of Koh Phi Phi in Thailand. 

We were rushing to get a meal in before we took the ferry over to Krabi that afternoon and my sister-in-law suggested a crêpes place close to the dock. I took her suggestion and tried the popular banana and Nutella combination. It was also my first time trying Nutella  (I guess I live under a rock?!).

It wasn’t the prettiest presentation (aka not instagram worthy 😂) but it was a whole 60 bahts of deliciousness. That perfectly toasted crust and gooeyness of the warm bananas layered in Nutella 👌  I remember looking over at my sister-in-law and saying ‘why have I never tried these before?’

Jump ahead 5 months to an afternoon stroll in Vancouver and stumbling upon ‘La Petite Crêpe’ on West Pender. I decided to order the banana and Nutella combination again to ensure it wasn’t just the insane Thai heat that had me all deliriously in love with this creation.

It was delicious again. This time $7 of goodness and it was oh so pretty.

I must say the Koh Phi Phi one might not have looked as pretty but it’s crust was slightly better. It was more crisp compared to the one in Vancouver. 
Either way … YUM! 🍴



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