A Canadian’s Two-cents Post Election.

​It really makes you see how big of a bubble we, the western world, have been living in.

The saying we are as strong as our weakest link rings so true today.

‘Those’ people spoke and the ‘woke’ people now have to deflate their bubble a little/a lot and help bridge the gaps we didn’t know still existed to this extreme.

I dunno… 

This is shocking. I am shocked.


I think in a way… 

I hope we can step back and see that:

– instead of pointing fingers at the people who voted for him and 

-instead of reacting in turn with fear, 

We instead extend our knowledge and perpective with these people who felt disconnected enough to swing the vote the other way and/or NOT EVEN COME OUT TO VOTE!!! (<-Crazy!)

Talk. Don’t  argue. 

Listen to understand.

Enlighten and be enlightened.

Don’t assume. Ask them questions.

Engage. Get off of social media and make real connections. Clearly those likes everyone is so thirsty for make no difference to ‘the real world’.

Follow real people. Talk to your neighbours. Talk to your baristas. Talk to your coworkers. Connect with elders and the next generation.

What are their concerns? What are your concerns?

Because really at the end of the day we ALL desire a world where we can have the freedom to love our families and friends. Work hard for our families. 

To live fearlessly.

That’s the only way I see it working.

One mans’ hate and the seeds he has planted will eventually be overshadowed and fizzled by the power of unity.

Unity with love and understanding to move forward.

Because only by moving forward together …can we progress!

We mourn today for our neighbors who fear for their future. We give chance and hope to the ones taking power. 

And we go to work. We take action. 2020 will come faster than you think.

I hope this US election lights a fire for my fellow Canadians to get involved in our own communities and connect with people from all walks of life. Attend rallies. Understand your rights.

And ladies of the world, hold your heads up high. Although the USA hasn’t elected a female president yet, other countries have. Let’s not let this defeat forget their wins. 

Keep fighting!!


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