Healthy Homemade Banana Nutella Crepes

​Homemade mini Banana Crepes for the win 👌🍽 

In a blender: 

-1 large ripe banana 🍌

-2 brown omega 3 eggs 🍳

-pinch of cinnamon

-drop of vanilla extract
Heat pan on medium heat and lightly grease with @chosenfoods avocado oil. 

Pour mixture onto heated pan and create a thin layer using the bottom of a ladle. 

Once the side is golden, flip (I used my hands as its so delicate) and brown the other side.

Then place it on a flat surface to spread a small teaspoon of @nutella on one side & then fold over twice. 

Plate and sprinkle unsweetened coconut flakes & slices of banana! 



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