Brunch: Cast Iron Baked Eggs

Well I guess it’s no secret that eggs 🍳 seem to be my favorite breakfast/brunch food item. Funny thing is I use to hate them when I was younger. I would hide or refuse to eat them whenever my mom use to make them. How things have changed! πŸ’

Well I stumbled upon this cute little heart shaped cast iron skillet and immediately thought of baked eggs for the weekend (husband wants the cookie haha).  

After washing the skillet, I greased it with avocado oil and threw in some chopped up red onions, green & red peppers and garlic (leaving a slight halo in the middle). I cracked a brown omega -3 egg into the middle and placed the skillet in the oven for 6 minutes (preheated to 350Β°).

As it was baking I chopped up spinach and shredded some jalapeΓ±o jack cheese.

I pulled out the skillet after the timer went off, at this point it was still slightly runny. I added black pepper and Himalayan pink salt and then topped one side with the spinach and cheese. I decided to add some of the Jaime Oliver chilli garlic pesto for a kick and placed it back in the oven for another 5 minutes to bake! 

Turned out perfect! πŸ‘Œ The yolk was still runny and the egg whites and veggies were nice and crisp! I used toasted gluten-free bread to scoop into it. 😍

What’s your favorite egg recipe?


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