Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder?

Umm, so I slightly fell a little off my bandwagon of consistent blogging. πŸ˜’ It wasn’t because I wasn’t inspired to write, it was more about fitting it into a jam packed schedule.

So tonight, as I lay in bed sleepless, due to the hot πŸ”₯ summer weather, I thought it would be the perfect time to catch up on my writing. Side note: I really shouldn’t complain about the heat, we had such a long, snowy winter here in British Columbia that this sunshine is a blessing – I just need to get myself an air conditioner πŸ’β€β™€οΈ!

Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer 2017! Mine’s has been epically wonderful and I am SO loving it. ❀

Late last year I decided to take it down a notch with my side floral business πŸ’and boy am I loving the decision. I have been taking bookings around my pre-determined schedule instead of running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off (literally) πŸ”trying to fit important personal/family endeavours around floral bookings! I already work full-time Monday to Friday and really enjoy my job (I am SO lucky to be surrounded by great coworkers), so this side floral endeavour really piled on hours to my weeknights and weekends so much so that I missed just living life. Know what I mean?!

I am a firm believer that we ‘work to live not live to work’! (I’m sure I probably saw this quote on one of those Instagram memes pages!) 😏

In 2017, so far ‘me’ time has become a priority! My people pleasing habits are now naturally taking a backseat and damn it…it feels so good!πŸ’ƒ Back at the gym on the reg (⬅️I’m hoping that makes me sound hip and young? Lol) and I’ve recently discovered acupuncture! 

For the ones that know me, know my crazy fear of needles πŸ’‰! It’s so bad that once I fainted while walking into an elevator at a doctor’s office and they had to drag me out as the door closed on my limp body because I passed out half in and half out of the elevator! πŸ™Š (I have so many ‘see needle & immediately faint’ stories accrued that it’s embarrassing!!)

So far somehow I have managed to not faint in an acupuncture session. (Well, I did advise my acupuncturist to NEVER show me the needles! Out of sight out of mind πŸ˜†) I’ve been going for sleep issues and it’s really been working. I haven’t slept so deeply in years. Definitely recommend it to anyone who has been contemplating it.

Whatelse? Travel is still on the plate! πŸ›« We just got back from an amazing trip to Portugal, Spain and the UK in June! I will definitely follow-up with blog posts of must do’s in these beautiful countries (some sneak peek pictures can be found on my instagram handle @sitastouchflorals ⬅️shameless plug!!πŸ’β€β™€οΈ) ! I’m definitely looking forward to more adventures this year. 

I’m also trying to go back to being a vegetarian again and further more learning more about vegan products. I win some and lose some, but I feel less guilty knowing I’m trying to do the right thing. Our society is so programmed to not really think about the impact of our food choices makes to our planet! It’s been a journey and I hope to save as many cute animals as possible by munching away on plants 🌱! Like seriously how cute are they πŸ·πŸ„πŸπŸ˜??!! Okay we don’t eat elephants but I couldn’t resist… I love them πŸ˜πŸ’ž!!

Like I said, great 2017 so far! πŸ’―

Well I rambled on long enough to make myself sleepy! πŸ˜ͺ Let me know what you have been up to in 2017 and what summer plans you have. Would love to hear your stories of big or small adventures! πŸ’™

Signing out and hopefully back posting with a little more consistency! 🀞

β˜€οΈ Sunny xoxo

Ps. Yes I really do enjoy using emojis! πŸ˜‹


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