Product Review: Youth To The People

I have been using the Youth To The People – Age Prevention Superfood Cleanser for about a year now and I love what it’s done for my skin. 

I, luckily, have always had clear skin but it lacked that brightness & umph! The kale + green tea, spinach and vitamins enriched cleanser combined with the moisture cream (I use it as a night cream) has been a dream. My skin has been so bright and dewy since I’ve added it into my daily regime –> okay ‘regime’ may be too fancy of a word to use for my actual lack of regime! I’m a wash and go person thus why I love these products! They are so non-abrasive to use on the daily!

I recently purchased the Youth To The People – Spirulina + Microalgae, Kale & Spinach Mask and decided to give it a try tonight. 

I started off with washing my face with the cleanser and then liberally applied the mask to my face and neck. It was super easy to spread and smelled so fresh & clean. (Actually all the products I’ve used so far smell so fresh without that heavy fragrance.)

Within 5 minutes I could feel my skin tighten as the mask dried. I’ve found with other masks that after about 5-10 minutes you get a bit of a tingling/burning feeling in some spots where the skin may be thinner, but I didn’t get that with this one.

After walking around looking like the Incredible Hulk, I washed it off with luke warm water. I found it took a few extra minutes to wash off as its actually super ‘silky’ rather than ‘muddy’. I followed it up by applying the age prevention moisture cream. 

My skin feels SUPER soft and hydrated already. I have a big, fat Indian wedding to attend next week which will probably take a toll on my skin from all the make-up & sweating (from the dancing and sunshine), so I look forward to refreshing again with this mask mid-wedding!

If you haven’t used these products I highly recommend testing them out! Here in Canada you can buy online via If you’re a Sephora Beauty Insider check your email as they are offering a free tester (of the cleanser) right now with a $25 minimum purchase. If you are not, and are hesitant to order (they due range on the pricier side) I would suggest ordering the travel pack duo (for $25) to test it out before commiting. Side note: I bought the duo pack for my travels to Europe in June and they held up! No spills or leaks of the products! 

I’m already on my 3rd bottle of the cleanser (my second bottle was actually snatched by my husband after he used it in the shower one day!) Haha. So I know you’ll be hooked too!

Oh and I forgot to add… it’s VEGAN! #savetheanimals 

I have yet to try the serum and eye cream. Have you tried it? Let me know your review!

Happy Cleansing!


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