The Seville Heat

A little snippet of my afternoon in Seville…

So while I was wandering around the Plaza de EspaΓ±a, I couldn’t figure out why I was only 1 of 3 other people on premises.😞 Especially since all travel sites mentioned how busy this attraction is! Was it closed? Was I trespassing? 😐 

After exploring the Plaza (and taking lots of pictures aka selfies!!) I walked across to the souvenir and snack kiosks by the park to grab a bottle of water. As I paid the vendor asked why I was crazy enough to be out at this hour?! 

Huh?! πŸ€” 

I asked him why it was so empty and he so eloquently replied (in his thick Spanish accent) ‘my dear, it’s 47Β°C right now πŸ”₯all the smart people are inside enjoying the air conditioning!’ 

Whoops! πŸ˜… 

He was kind enough to put out a chair for me under the tree & hose down the area with cold water. That’s when I realized how much I was sweating! πŸ˜₯ After an hour of exchanging stories with the kind man and downing a couple bottles of water, he pointed over to the entrance where several buses of tourists had pulled up and said ‘okay you go, it busy time for me now!’ 🀣 

It was really nice having the place all (almost) to myself! I just wish I had worn my long flowy dress so I could have pranced around like a Bollywood actress in this stunning hallway! 😍


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