Enlighten me with your inner selfie…

At my daily 9-5, I share an office space with some wonderful humans. Some of the comments, thoughts and reflections that are brought up within these four walls can be quite enlightening, always humorous, sometimes negative (those crazy deadlines!!) but always thought provoking. Someone this week said to me ‘you are so nice, when I see you, you are always smiling’ and … More Enlighten me with your inner selfie…

Hugs & Garter Throws

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a friend’s beautiful wedding. For years I bugged her to find a man and get married so I could check off attending a Caucasian wedding on my to-do list! (Check!!!) haha!  Truly, it was such an honor to be present and witness such love between the couple … More Hugs & Garter Throws

Family 101

As the saying goes ‘can’t live with them & can’t live without them’! I’ll be the first to say that I love my family to pieces…each and every one of them! Mostly because even the smallest gathering ends up being one big party! Coming from a big family I feel like I’ve experienced every type … More Family 101

Non Negotiable Death

Death. Death is envitable. It is the one assurance that comes hand in hand with life, everything else in between is hard work, prayers & love. With each breath we come closer to it; it may come tomorrow…quick & unexpectedly; it may come in old age…slowly but surely. That void it creates. That void. Some … More Non Negotiable Death